how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep

how to get good sleep | lack of sleep | Insomnia | Good sleep Tips  is extremely important to stay healthy. Many of us have to change the curtains often before sleeping. Some people who do not sleep for a long time have to take sleeping medicines.

 tips for better sleep If you do not sleep properly at night, then you will feel tired and tired all the next day. To be healthy, as much as the diet is, it is necessary to take good sleep. Know about similar sleeping tips.

how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep

Best Sleeping tips for all

Take a look

Bathe with hot water before sleeping Our meat muscles get relief from hot water. Our body temperature also decreases, so that we get good sleep.


Try to stay in the light of the day. Our mind well understands this habit that we have to wake up in the day and sleep in the night. In such a situation, it will not make any difference in daylight, but if we do not get much light in the day, then it has an adverse impact on our biological clock. If you are not able to go in the sun due to official work, try to go in the sun for a while for lunch.

Do not watch TV on the bed

Do not watch TV on the bed. Even if the program is coming, this light can also hamper your sleep. It is good that you do not have a TV in your sleeping room, but if this is not possible, then it will be better if you sit on the chair and watch the TV.

Lie down while sleeping

Do not sleep on the bed before sleeping and think about sleep. It will not bring you to sleep, but your stress will increase. If you are not sleeping then you try to read something. Do not go to sleep again until you get to sleep. Unless you are completely exhausted, do not go to sleep because if you lie down and you do not sleep then in such a situation, you will become disturbed.

how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep

Keep the bed clean

Keep your bedtime clean. Clean and clean bed sleeps well. Along with this, keep your room clean. The random and dirty bed does not sleep. You may also have fatigue and depression.

Set the time for sleeping

Decide for the time to start your sleep. This will give you sleepy time. This habit helps a lot in good sleep. Although sometimes it becomes difficult, try to adopt this habit as much as possible.

Make sleep diaries

Maintain a sleep diary. Perhaps this is a difficult remedy, but by doing so, you can record your sleep and find out whether you should go to sleep clan or not. Some people have solved their sleep disorders by doing this.

Eat light night

Your sleep may also be affected by what you ate in the dinner or what you have eaten after eating. Have a light meal at night Eat less than 2 hours before sleeping. This makes the food well digested. Clean your teeth before sleeping.

how to get good sleep  6 best tips for sweet sleep

Do exercise

Exercise in the morning, your body and mind will feel relaxed and health will be fine too. A good stroll is also a walk. If you want you can do yoga too. Yoga keeps you physically and mentally quiet and concentrated.

be positive

Think before sleeping, write down all the troubles that are in your life and find ways to solve their problems in the day before sleeping, think that I have made a note of my problems and I will definitely get rid of them.

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