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sexually transmitted diseases symptoms

sexually transmitted diseases If a woman has secretion from the vagina for 6 months continuously, it is itching. It hurts sexually transmitted when making a relationship with her husband. He has trouble at the time of urinating. Then contact the doctor immediately. This can be trichomoniasis.

sexually transmitted diseases symptoms
sexually transmitted diseases

Although most often read, most women are not serious about caring for their reproductive organs.
There are obvious physical differences in men and women. In females, the reproductive organs have a direct connection through the vagina, uterus, and uterus. The physical relationship between husband and wife is the time of life of both of them, but many times women are afraid of transmigration, menstrual cycle and even during a miscarriage.

Trichomoniasis is treated with a medicine called metronidazole, which is eaten and is also applied in the form of gel but take medication on the advice of the doctor

For the reasons of illiteracy, poverty, and shame, women often resort to the treatment of diseases of reproductive organs. Infections of reproductive organs can also lead to dangerous diseases like AIDS.
With the introduction of copper tea, there is a possibility of a disease in the reproductive organs.
'Chlamydia' disease is caused by a bacterium called trichromatic. This disease spreads quickly from 'oral sex' and 'anal sex'. Many times the infection from this disease spreads through the uterus to the fallopian tube. There is irritation in it. Due to non-medical treatment, the risk of getting HIV increases manifold.


This disease is caused by a bacterium called gonorrhea, Nisseria in women. It easily grows rapidly in the wet area of the female breeding route. Its bacteria also spread in the mouth, throat and in the eye. There is a change in the disease in this disease. Yellow smelly secretion goes out. Many times vaginal bleeding also comes out.
This is a very dangerous disease for a pregnant woman. During childbirth, the child passes through the birth tube, in which case the child may also be blind when the mother suffers from this disease.


This disease occurs from having a physical connection to a person with 'herpes simplex'. There are 2 types of viruses in it. Many times men and women with this disease do not know that they have this disease too. It has symptoms of sexual organs and itching in the anus, water-filled small pimples, headache, backache, frequent flu.

This disease is caused by a bacterium called 'Treponema pallidum'. In the vagina, vagina, the anus is scratched without itching. Women do not even know. Problems like irritation, itching, wounds on the penis, while doing urination in men.

Honeymoon cysts

UTI is very common among newcomers. This is also called honeymoon syst├Ęse. In women, urine pore is located near the vagina and the valves. From here, the bacteria can easily transition by reaching the urinary tract.

 Nearly 75 percent of UTIs in women are due to bacterial infections found in the intestines. Apart from this, many other species of bacteria can also generate UTI.
Urinary tract infections, which are called urinary tract infection or UTI, are a very common problem due to the specific structure of the urinary tract in women. Nearly 40 percent of the women are stricken in this life sometimes.

Irritation in the urinary tract, itching can occur for many reasons, but in approximately 80 percent it is due to sexual intercourse. Symptoms begin after about 24 hours after the infection becomes more frequent. Immediate soon after marriage, there is more danger of UTI due to ignorance, hurry, etc.


If you talk about symptoms then urinary urination occurs again, but urination is a few drops. Burning and sometimes pain occurs during urination. Urine comes from the stomach, the urine color may be blurred. Sometimes the color of the urine may be pink, red, and brown due to the blood supply.

Sexual relations can increase if both a husband or wife is having sex after infection. If the treatment is not done then there can be the pain in the body parts, fever can occur. In some cases, the infection can transition from the bladder to the upper kidneys.

Nonetheless, your reproductive organs are clean and safe. It is important for you to be aware of your reproductive organs. If there is any disadvantage in them, immediately consult the doctor.

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