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how to gain weight- Increasing body weight is also a difficult process to lose weight. For this, a person needs patience and proper practice. Most people have a body structure that their body looks lean and thin. Occasionally, flesh and flesh in the body of these people look more bones.

Such a person is as anxious as to increase his weight and become more worried, seeks various kinds of remedies as if a person is upset to lose his weight. Today in this article we are going to tell you the domestic measures to increase the weight and ways to be fat.

However, there are many ways to increase weight. The first step towards this is that to increase the weight, one should try to get more calories in the daily diet. After that, attention should be taken to take high-calorie food.

Home remedies for quick weight gain -

1. Dark Chocolate to gain weight fast-

By eating high-quality dark chocolate, it gives too much antioxidant and benefits. To increase weight, most people recommend eating dark chocolate with more than 70 percent of cocoa content. Like high-fat food, dark chocolate contains more calories. This means that by eating dark chocolate, calories will increase in your body and your weight will also increase.

2. take Healthy Fats for fast weight gain-

Good fat is not only helpful in weight gain but it also helps to develop muscle and to become testosterone hormone. Healthy Fats also increases the metabolic rate, which increases the amount of good fat in the body. Fat is very important for many vital functions of the body. If you want to increase your weight then you should include green vegetables, salmon fish, more flaccid oil, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet.

3. Cheese for weight gain-

cheese is used to increase weight since the old days. It contains plenty of calories and fat. If the cheese is eaten in excess quantity, then it gets enough protein from the body. Paneer is very tasty as it is anyway. By eating it in the form of food and vegetables, you can increase your body's calorie (calorie). Healthy Fat is found in it and eating it can increase weight easily.

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4. Avocados are Best Way To Gain Weight Fast -

Avocado contains a sufficient amount of fatty acids. Unlike the whole grain, calories are also found in avocado which is considered to be better for weight gain. A large avocado meal provides 322 calories, 29 grams of fat, which helps in body weight gain. More vitamin, mineral salts and many beneficial plant compounds are found in avocado. It is used to make sandwiches and many dishes, which increases weight on food.

5. Whole Eggs increase weight fastly-

There is no better diet than eggs to make muscle strong. It provides high-quality proteins and fats. But for this, eating the whole egg is very important. Most nutrients in the egg are found in egg yolk. If you look absolutely lean and want to thicken your body, then you must eat as many eggs as you can. Athletes, bodybuilders eat six or more eggs each day. That's why this is one of the best foods for those who increase weight.

6. Full-Fat Yogurt increases weight-

In high quantities, many nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrate, and fat are found in the cream and fatty curd. The weight of fat by consuming fatty yogurt in the form of snacks. By adding dry fruits and honey in one or two cups yogurt, the extra calories of the body begin to grow and the body becomes full. Also, by adding cocoa powder, walnuts, sugar, cream, and berries in curd, the weight also increases and you can easily become fat.

7. Potatoes and Starches for weight gain-

Eating potatoes increases weight, but everyone knows it, but not only potatoes but also other starchy food also increases calorie intake. Starch collects glycogen in the muscles and increases weight. Apart from this, carbohydrate and fiber also help in weight gain.

Gain weight 9 simple method for home (must read)

8. eat rice for gain weight-

By adding more rice to food, the weight can increase rapidly. One cup of rice contains 190 calories and 43 grams of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate (carb) present in high doses works to increase the body's calorie intake so that it also increases weight. Realizing food consumes frequent appetite and can often cause meals several times. Cooked rice can also be eaten.

9. Protein Supplements for weight gain- (most important)

There are several ways to increase weight. bodybuilders take protein supplements for their weight gain. Although increasing the weight by taking a protein supplement is a bit expensive, but it also increases weight too easily. Apart from this, if you take regular meals such that you get maximum protein per day, your weight may increase.


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