how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

Home remedies to remove leanness - best methods

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

how to gain weight- Most people suffer from heavy weight and obesity, but on the contrary, many people are also lean, who are upset about being fat. They keep on revolving around the body to remove leanness from the body. If your body is lean then you too have to undergo many troubles. Most people have seen you talk about losing weight.

But there are many people who talk about weight gain. These are people who eat food, but they feel very hungry. By which they lose weight or those who are thinner and do not eat nutritious food. There are many types of medicines available in the market to increase weight.

But to increase the weight, you should not use any type of medicine. Because these medicines can have results as well. You should only use the home remedial measures. Due to adoption of Ayurvedic methods to increase the weight, there is no side effect in any way.

We will tell you today how you can take away some of these easy remedies and remove the leanness from the body and make your body healthy.

Home remedies to remove leanness -

1. To get rid of leanness, increase the amount of carbohydrate in the diet.

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

If you do not pay attention during eating while you are eating what you are not eating and then this will be the biggest reason for your body being lean. Increase the amount of carbohydrate and healthy fat in your diet while you are eating. Increase the amount of high-calorie diets such as red meat, rosemary, vegetables, fish, chicken, olives, and bananas etc. While doing this you can take a little bit of diarrhea several times a day.

2. Dry fruits to remove leanness

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

If you want to make your body healthy then you will be able to stay healthy and also gain weight by using enough quantity of almonds, milk, butter, ghee in breakfast. Eating these things will eliminate leanness from your body and make you healthy.

3. Protein Must be used

If you have to reduce your leanness, you have to increase the amount of protein while keeping food in order to keep your body healthy. You are also a good source of protein for egg, fish, and meat. Regular consumption of almonds, cashew nuts, and this creates leanness from your body.

4. Withania somnifera is beneficial to remove leanness

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

You must have seen that many people and Ayurveda know about using Withania somnifera in many ways. With the mention of Withania somnifera and Asparagus racemosus in Ayurveda, we get a mention of weight gain. Use 3 grams of powder with milk every morning. Doing this will remove your leanness.

5. Exercise is necessary for home remedies to remove leanness

Exercise in the morning is very beneficial for the body. So if you want to keep your body healthy, want to be healthy, then you should definitely start walking and exercising in the morning. Make rules for walking around 4 kilometers a day. Fresh air will also be found and your metabolism will also be fine and food should be well chewed and chewed well. Actually, exercise is not about losing weight only, by exercising, the body's senses open. The body gets energy, the digestive power gets stronger, so that the muscles start working properly.
How to gain weight| latest weight gainning tips

6. Raisins
how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

You have to resort to raisins to make your body healthy and to remove it from leanness. Soak 50 grams of raisins in water at night. Chew chewing well in the morning. Using two to three months weight will increase. Let us know that the amount of calories in raisins is very high.

7. Lentils will help to increase weight

Apart from flour and rice, the lean person should eat all kinds of pulses. There is plenty of protein in pulses. Not only sprinkled lentil but also sprouted pulses. Sprouted gram is also beneficial to eat. It helps in increasing weight.

8. milk cream

Let me tell you that creamy milk cream is fatty and consuming it increases the body fat. You can also consume pasta with it.

9. There is a solution to remove leanness, banana and milk intake

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

If you want your weight to grow faster then you should eat bananas and milk. Let us know that if you eat banana then your digestion system becomes good. By adopting another recipe that the lean people will get away from their leanness, that is by consuming hot milk. Yes ... According to natural medicine, weight increases by using hot milk. By continuously consuming it, the patient is completely cured with thinness in a few days.

How to gain weight| latest weight gainning tips 

Eat also to increase weight

Adding a more dilute person to the brittle fruit of the flour or after consuming it in the juice of the fruit gives more benefits in a few days. The more the lean person receives the more fruit, the more beneficial it is because eating fruit increases digestion and digestion quickly gets digested again. In this way, he will be able to feed more and more.

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