7 symptoms of low blood pressure 2019

symptoms of low blood pressure 2019 

Normally, any person's blood pressure is normal at 120/80 level, and a slight difference in this is also normal. But if its level is 90/60 or less then it is considered low blood pressure or low blood pressure symptoms  Know the leading causes and symptoms -

symptoms of low blood pressure

symptoms of low blood pressure

1 Lack of blood - Many times the lack of blood in the body causes low blood pressure. Due to a major injury or internal bleeding, the body suddenly lacks blood, thus reducing blood pressure.

2 Weakness and lack of nutrition - Nutritional deficiency and weakness are an increased cause of low blood pressure. When there is a shortage of essential nutrients, the body is unable to make sufficient amounts of red blood cells, which lowers blood pressure.

3 Cardiovascular disease - Blood pressure may occur if there is any problem associated with the heart.

  4. Lack of water - You feel weakness many times due to lack of water in the body. There are other problems related to health, including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, not just blood pressure.

 5 Pregnancy - Women may have low blood pressure problems during pregnancy because at this time the circulatory system increases rapidly and the blood pressure decreases.

6 If you have other problems related to health such as diabetes, thyroid, addiction, etc. you may be a patient of low blood pressure. Apart from this, there may be some kind of tension, shock, fear, infection and so on.

7 If you are suffering from any health problem and are continuously consuming medicines for that, it can also cause low blood pressure. Symptoms - Normally, when you suddenly feel very weak or dizziness, symptoms may be low blood pressure. But primarily due to fatigue, depression, chills, thirst, visible blurred, yellowing in the skin, body cooling, half-incomplete and fast breathing etc. are the main symptoms of low blood pressure.  

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