what is heart rate normal / normal heart beat Fully Explain 2019

what is heart rate normal 

Heart rate is the amount of heart beat per minute and indicates heart effort to spread throughout the body. The heart rate normal 2019 is at ease with the minimum vibrations of the organism, when the body rests almost completely. Knowing the rate of your heart in this situation can help you evaluate your overall health and condition, and the proper heart rate normal 2019 Can set goals for. Reducing the heart rate can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke considerably.
what is heart rate normal 2019
what is heart rate normal 2019

heart rate normal 

Step part 1 Rate Heart

1. Know your current comfort heart rate Before taking action to try to reduce it, it is important to know what is the starting point, it is enough to "Take your pulse" and calculate the beats.
The artery (in the neck) or measuring the pulse of the wrist can do this by measuring. Before making sure that you are completely relaxed and comfortable Before exiting from the morning, the best time to measure is in the morning.

2. Calculate Beats To find the pulse of carotid, near the trachea, place a small index tip and middle finger on one side of the neck.
Slowly press until you feel pulse, calculate how many are in 10 seconds and get results for 6 Alternatively, count the beats in 15 seconds and multiply 4 times. If you want to count the beats on your wrist, then turn the palm of your hand upward Under the thumb base place the tip of the index finger, middle and ring ring on the other side until you can detect the wrist.
what is heart rate normal 2019

3. Ask your doctor for advice. The more relaxed heart rate at one place is not an immediate threat, but it can lead to long-term health problems. In this case, you should try to reduce it gradually by exercise.
However, if your pulse is very short or you are often suffering from episodes, during which the frequency is often manifested, especially if they come with dizziness, then you should meet the doctor.

4. Rate your comfort heart rate normal 2019 Once you know this value, then you need to understand whether it is in normal healthy parameters or if there is a problem, a normal resting heart rate of 60 and 100 beats per minute Should be in between. However, when it is more than 90 beats, it is considered to be high. Athletes who practice endurance activities and are well trained, usually come within 40 to 60 beats per minute. Measure your pulse for several days, so you get an average price.

Generally, if your high heart rate is accompanied by other symptoms, then you should contact the doctor.
Before going to the doctor, however, assess that caffeine consumption is a simple general cause.
Tell your doctor if you are taking any medicines that can affect your heart rate, such as beta blockers

part 2 Physical activity to reduce rest of heart rate

Set an exercise routine The best way to slow down your comfort rate gradually and safely is to start regular aerobic exercise.
Even small things are useful, but for the most healthy people, at least slow physical activity such as fast walking every week.
To strengthen the heart, you should do physical activity with moderate intensity of three or four times a week, 40 minutes. Remember to include yoga as well as flexibility exercises Try to strengthen these exercises with muscles twice a week.

what is normal heart rate  (fully explain)

2. To find the maximum heart rate, in order to truly change your heart rate, you should regulate your exercise to reach a certain heart rate during the exercise. In this way, you can monitor the intensity of your physical activity and determine the pressure on your heart, gradually increasing the level can make you feel more fit. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the maximum heart rate.

The comparison of all the methods used to calculate this value is approximate, but they provide you the general outline. A very simple and approximate technique is to reduce your age from 220. So if, for example, you are 30 years old, then your maximum heart rate should be approximately 190 beats per minute. This method is considered to be more accurate for people younger than 40 years.

Recently, a slightly more complicated process has been developed, which is expected to multiply this figure by 0.7 and then decrease this figure from price 208. With this criterion, at the age of 40, you should have a maximum heart rate of 180 (208-0.7 x 40).
what is heart rate normal 2019

3. Set your heart rate limit Once you know the estimated value of your maximum heart rate, then you can set the range to be awarded during training.
If, while exercising, your heart rate can stay within a certain limit, you can easily see your heart's efforts and organize your exercise accordingly.

As a general rule, assume that the rate of heart rate during middle physical activity is 50-69% of the maximum heart rate A tough and vigorous exercise is approximately 70-85% of the maximum heart rate.

4. Monitor the Beating Beat During Exercise To do this, simply evaluate the pulse on the wrist or neck. Count Beat 15 seconds and multiply the result by 4. During training, the heart rate should be between 50 to 85%. If you see that it decreases, then try to increase the intensity of the activity.

If you are taking a relatively recent training, then you should gradually increase the exercise. Regardless of this, you can get benefits and it will be more difficult to get injured or lose your motivation. When you detect pulse, stop exercising for a moment.


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