latest tips for half marathon training schedule 2019

half marathon training schedule 2019

It is easy to be fooled to think that half marathon marathon is half the challenge.
When you come to deal with half marathon training schedule 21.1 km race, thinking that line half marathon training schedule is actually a shortcut to a difficult experience. The truth is that you need to prepare well with half that you consider almost everything for a complete marathon. You will need a training plan to follow - which not only creates your stamina for the race but also keeps you away from injury - and also thinks that fueling your half marathon training schedule runs and suitable kits What should I eat?
Fortunately, we've gathered what you need to know while running the half marathon.
half marathon training schedule 2019

Half Marathon Training Plans

The most important part of preparing for half marathon is to choose a training plan that fits your goals and fitness level. There is no point in adhering to an advanced plan that demands six runs a week when you are currently running once a month - you will just get injured. Similarly, if you have run several half marathons and want to set personal best, then you will need a more challenging plan than you begin.

At present, if you have a fitness level, then 10-16 weeks are dedicated to training for half marathon if possible. The training should include a mixture of run types, including short, fast sessions as well as easier long runs that extend towards half marathon distance.

The coach has 10 weeks and 16 week plans in line with all the capabilities. So are you the first timer to settle down with an advanced runner, aiming to go 21.1 km course or sub-1 hr 30min, we have a plan for you.
half marathon training schedule 2019

10 weeks Early Marathon Training Plan

Target time 2hr +: Starting from the blade running, this plan will take you up to 21.1 km from the sofa. plan view.

10-week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

Target time Sub 1hr 45min: If you are already running regularly and have completed the first half marathon, then this five session one week plan will set you up for PB. plan view.

16-week course course Half Marathon Training Plan

Target time sub-2 hr 40min This mixture is ideal for walking and walking. plan view.

Beginners Half Marathon Training Plan of 16 Weeks

Target time sub-2 hr 15min You should be able to run comfortably for at least 30 minutes. plan view.

16-week Emporter Half Marathon Training Plan

Target time sub-2 hr You have done some 10Ks - maybe half marathon - and are looking for a two hour hurdle break. plan view.

16-week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

Target time sub -1 hr 45min You run regularly, have completed the first half marathon and want to improve your time. plan view.

16 week Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan

Target time sub -1 hr 30min You walk most of the day and there are many races and half marathons under your belt. You are actually willing to push yourself to sub-9 0min going. plan view.

How to trained for a half marathon

Strength and conditioning coach in the transition zone, Mark Stanton says that if you are going to take ste ps from 10, then skill is important.

Which sessions do you need?

First of all: for a long time, to build mile in your feet. The best way to get fit for running - especially when you hit a long distance - have to run more. Set goals for one hour of steady speed, set your speed so that you can communicate while walking. Run for every other session, ten and minutes. Your initial goal should be to run longer than your target race time.

You should also make intervals to develop the speed and tolerance of working at high intensity. After a minute's quick run, after a minute's rest, there is a solid session, from ten to 15 rounds.

You also need a Tempo session to pull the gap between speed work and long slow speed. Tempo runs are used to train at a fast pace for extended periods. It inspires your body to adapt to maintain high intensity for long periods without rest. Physically it will improve your lactate threshold which means that you will be able to maintain high speed for long distances. One example session: Ten minutes of warmth, then 20 minutes of walking at "tempo" speed - it should be fast enough to be uncomfortable. Extend the speed speeds to 30 and again 40 minutes. You should know that you are moving forward without progressing in each session. Then, of course, strength and conditioning to make your body stronger, so that it can withstand the stress of walking along with the improvement in the ongoing economy.

What is the most important session?

It depends on your current training status, competing history and goals. If this is your first race, then stable run will be the most important for long; To be better off to run, you need to run more. For advanced runners who have a good training base and can easily cover the distance, the focus will be the focus to develop intervals and tempo runs.
half marathon training schedule 2019

How many sessions should you do?

It is completely down to personal athlete. I recommend a goal of at least three running sessions and a strength session in a week. For the first time, for the first runner, two of these should work on making a distance at a steady pace while the other one will be more speed-based. As you progress, one of these distance sessions can switch to the second tempo session. The more advanced runner will add interval sessions and the tempo runs on the basis of whatever needs to be improved. A good distance guide is working for about 30 miles per week on those three runs - if you are doing good quality work then you do not need much.

How do you go fast?

Especially, at a distance of half marathon distance, there is an important consideration efficiency: do you reduce energy at each stage, or are you strict enough to extend from one side to the other? If you can work your body efficiently then you spend less energy and can cover more ground faster for less effort. This technique can be improved through coaching, mobility and strength programs.

Where do most people go wrong?

The biggest issue finding the runners is with the rest and progress. The less experienced runner tries to do it very soon when their body is not used in stress, and therefore they are injured. My best advice listens to your body - when it is needed, then relax and put the quality of training before quantity. Keep your training program fluid - if you are not feeling tip-top, then swap in one easy session or recovery day.

What do the elite runners do that everyone can learn?

Comfort and recovery is very big. We all can not have access to the recovery pool or ice bath or massage - all of which can or does not work - but we have the ability to take care of ourselves. Amateur athletes still have to work and work in training, but anyone can do simple things like dragging or foam rolling before bed - or just eliminate unnecessary stress from their life.

How to Avoid Common Running Injuries?

A runner is more frustrating than missing in the race due to injury, so in order to reduce the risk of normal running problems like Shin Splints, Plant Fasitis, Runner knee and Achilles tendonitis, take into account some golden rules. Keep it right.

First of all, and most importantly, you have to build slowly running zodiac. For example, if you average 10km per month for the last four weeks in one week, then you should not have to run 20km in a week. The maximum should be around 12-14 km, followed by a similar increase next week.

After a training plan, it will be closely ensured that you increase your profit dramatically. Just remember that if you miss a week, then you should not go on plan until next week - instead, adjust the distance of the run on the plan and hold slowly.

After a training plan, it will be closely ensured that you increase your profit dramatically. Just remember that if you miss a week, then you should not go on plan until next week - instead, adjust the distance of the run on the plan and hold slowly.

 Strengthening your legs and core muscles will also help you avoid injuries. Workouts related to lifting calves, squats, lungs and other bodyweight exercises will strengthen the main leg muscles, while Pilates, yoga, or other pulling exercises will help in your original strength and flexibility.
half marathon training schedule 2019

Finally, to check whether you are wearing the right shoes for your ongoing style, especially if you are experiencing continuous niggles, it is advisable to go through a trick analysis to see it.

For a half marathon you need a running gear

Each person has personal preferences about what you need in running shoes, and it is worth to stick to whatever you feel comfortable with. But if you have not got any information about your choice, then the trick is a good place to start the analysis.

The GATE analysis will tell you that if you move your legs in excess during the landing (overpronation), then roll it upwardly (underpronation) or roll up to the extra (neutral). If you are able to get the shoe to improve this issue while running or decrease it. Some fodder analyzes, such as in the Sonnie Straud Lab, will go beyond the diaphragm and examine their entire style, which will tell you whether you need to strengthen some muscles around the body.

Shoes are the key bit of kit, but you will also want to take a favorite t-shirt and shorts for Race Day which have been tested on many long run already. Treat yourself with some good running socks - you deserve it.

Whether you want to track your runs or not, but it may be a big boost for your training to get you specific statistics on how you are improving in your plans months - and if you Running a certain time is a race, then a tracker becomes more important as a way to speed up your run. There are many excellent free running apps that will use the GPS of your smartphone if you are happy to run with it, or if you want to gain better access to your data during the run, you can select a dedicated running watch. Are there.

How to refuel

During your training, you will need to make sure that your diet is designed to support your training. This means that enough carbohydrate to give your workouts and enough protein to fuel your muscles to help repair and reconstruct your muscles.

It becomes important even when your runs go before the 90 minute mark, at which point you only have to load the carb in the day before the race, but instead of eating your body while running to get out of energy It also has to be considered. Running gels for many people dealing with long distance events are now the first choice because they provide a quick and easy carb hit.

It is also important to be hydrated for a long time. It means that raising electrolytes like sodium rather than drinking water. There will be electrolytes in the sports drinks, and you can also buy electrolyte tablets which are dissolved in water for walking.

Race day tips

The classic race de tip does not start very fast, and it's classic for a reason. Whether you are pursuing PB or trying to avoid killing the wall, it is the best way to get your goals in training as well as achieve your goals.

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