how much calories you burn while running (FULLY GUIDE)

burn calories by walking  (part 2)

How many calories are being burn calories by walking when questioning interests, all those who follow their weight and roam around the city or the park. This is especially true for young mothers: they need to get the figure in order, and for a long time, burn calories walking in the fresh air with a stroller will benefit the child, let's believe how many calories are lost and how the weight Walking can be used to reduce costs.

Calorie burns while walking

Normal walking is not effective in any way. burn calories Walking for an hour like fitness, you will spend 200 calories. It is worth noting that it is not a universal figure for all: it depends on the speed, and on your initial weight The more you spend, the more power in the body spends on the movement, the more energy burns.

It should be noted that it is useful to walk on the average, it is useful not to walk straight on the asphalt, at a speed of about 5 km / hour, but on natural soil, especially with the control of humus and Ravens. This type of rotation can burn up to 300 calories per hour.
burn calories by walking

How many burn calories is running fast?

If you walk fast -(running), then much faster than normal (7 km / hour speed), then kilograms will melt rapidly. For example, for example, depending on your initial weight, your body will consume 350-400 calories. Especially useful to walk fast - but in this mode everyone will not be standing.

However, if you still try, the calorie consumption will increase by 40-50 units per hour. Maximum loss of calories during running Love is the most beneficial to lose weight. Walking to all the stairs, you will burn 500 to 700 calories for such an hour! However, it would be difficult to imagine a girl who can climb an hour or more on the stairs. If you seriously decide to take care of yourself, and there are no other simulators in hand - use a simple ladder! To save joints, experts recommend walking, and the lift goes down.

However, if there is no elevator in the house, then you can go down the stairs. This type of text should start from 15 minutes daily. Add 1-2 times a week to the original time 1-2 times a week, until you reach the stairs for half an hour. It is a great help to the body to burn fat and restore healthy metabolism!

This kind of calorie burns very well for weight loss effectively, but if you do not do it regularly, there will not be much about it. To start, try coming to the system: For example, 20 minutes or every other day every day - 35-40 minutes Choose a convenient program for you, and do not miss a single lesson!

Consider the basic rules that will get rid of excess weight when you walk:

  • Leave sugar, two teaspoons of sugar in tea, increasing your calorific value too, use of sweets provokes the leak of sugar in the blood, because in one hour you will literally feel hungry. 
  • Apart from all the sweet, except for the fruit, it is worth to leave. The same rule applies to the dough products Try eating How many calories are lost while walking At almost the same time, preferably - in a small part, the body always likes to work in the rhythm - at least remembering how difficult it is to work after weekends! 
  • It is also difficult that the body should experience the food coming out of the normal schedule. Instead of garnish, use only vegetables, fresh, almonds or baked. 
  • Daily drinks contain at least 2 liters of water. 
  • Refuse with frying and very fat meat
burn calories by walking part 1 (don't missed)

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