what is Influenza || how we can prevent from this virus

what is Influenza || how we can prevent from this virus
Influenza (flu) is a respiratory disease caused by influenza virus. Influenza viruses are of two main types (A and B) and there are many different strains of each type. Patients caused by these viruses are often called "flu" as a whole. Influenza sufferers may be from light to very serious, depending on many factors, including viral strain, the age of the patient, and patient's health. Certain groups are in a high-risk condition for the serious complications of the flu.


The symptoms of the flu suddenly emerge and there is fever, shiver, cough, sore throat, pain feeling, headache, and fatigue. Vomiting and diarrhea can occur, but these symptoms are more prevalent in children than in adults.


Influenza spreads primarily through infected respiratory muscles - that is, by air spread through coughing and sneezing. It is important to note that some people who are infected do not see any symptoms (which are called asymptomatic infection), but they are still infectious. They can also infect others while they do not know about their own infection.

Even patients experiencing flu symptoms may be infectious even before one day of feeling it, and stay for a week later. An important fact about the efficacy of influenza is that it is related to its rapid germ related changes.

The new strangers of the influenza virus appear frequently, and the previous infection with any other stroke guarantees protection against further infection. This is one reason that antigens often change every year in the seasonal flu vaccine - so that they can get protection from any existing flu strain.

Treatment and care:

Generally, patients with flu are advised to stay at home and relax, so that they can be healthy and others may not be infected.

 In light conditions, treatment is done to overcome the symptoms of illness: over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen are used to reduce fever and/or get relief in pain or pain and cough Medicines or drops can be taken to reduce lacerations or cough. Drinking extra fluids can prevent dehydration.

 For the serious situation, for people with high risk of complications, physicians can advise antiviral treatment. Although the resistance against many available circulating influenza strains available antivirals has developed. Immunization is the primary way of preventing the flu.


Pneumonia is the most common complication of influenza infection. In particular, it is caused by secondary bacterial infections like Haemophilus influenza or Streptococcus pneumonia. Flu can cause sinus and ear infections, existing health conditions may worsen, such as chronic lung diseases, or heartburn in the heart.

Although some flu patients may experience complications of the disease, certain groups are in high risk condition for flu complications, compared to others: elderly, young children, asthmatics, pregnant women and some people.

what is Influenza

Whose risks are high for complications. In any particular season of flu, people aged 65 or more die due to flu due to 90% of the flu. (The symptoms of some pandemic influenza differ slightly in this regard; In the 2009 H1N1 epidemic, approximately 90% of the deaths of H1N1 influenza were of people under 65).

Available vaccines

Since new strangers of influenza often appear, seasonal flu vaccines change every year. Each seasonal vaccine is often made for several strangers of influenza: two "A" struts and one or two "B" stranges, depending on the vaccine.

From the beginning to the end - From the selection of strains to target with the vaccine - From the production of the final product - Seasonal flu vaccine can take up to eight months in the process. Influenza monitoring centers monitor circulating influenza strains for trends throughout the world. Genetic data is collected and new mutations are identified.

And then the World Health Organization is responsible for the selection of the most similar strence of genetically reassembled Terence, transmitted in the coming flu season. For the summer of Northern Hemisphere, this decision is taken before February.

In some cases, one of the strokes used in the previous vaccine can be selected again, if that stance is continuously circulated. From this point, a vaccine can be developed and produced. After four to five months of selection of strain (in the Northern Hemisphere in June or July), the developed vaccine strains are tested separately for accuracy and effectiveness.

Strangers are only counted in a single seasonal vacuum after testing separately. In the event of an epidemic, any additional vaccine can be developed to provide protection against a particular disease or spread of influenza spreading from the virus. After the selection of the stroke of the seasonal flu vaccine, the requirement of the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine was clarified, creating a separate vaccine.

Inactive trivalent or quadrivalent influenza vaccine is the most common flu vaccine available and it can be given to people of 6 months or more. There are some vaccines that are given through injection. Active, debilitating influenza vaccine is available in some countries for people over 2 years and younger than 50 years of age. The active vaccine is given intranasal (in the nose).

Vaccination Recommendations

In some countries, annual seasonal influenza vaccination is recommended for all or many people over the age of 6 months. The World Health Organization encourages countries where risk groups: Implementation of National Influenza Recommendations for providing vaccine for pregnant women, children aged 6-59 months old, elderly person, people with chronic diseases and health care workers Resources exist for  
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Malignant Mesothelioma | Causes, Symptoms,Chemotherapy|| mesothelioma cancer lawsuit

Malignant Mesothelioma | Causes, Symptoms,Chemotherapy|| mesothelioma cancer lawsuit

Malignant Mesothelioma | Causes, Symptoms, Chemotherapy

Malignant Mesothelioma, more clearly malignant Mesothelioma, is a rare type of cancer, which arises from the protective layer covering the many internal organs of the body, the mesothelioma. Usually, this disease is caused by exposure to asbestos.

Plura (the exterior of the internal part of the lungs and chest) is the most common place for this disease, but it is also in the peritoneum, the heart, the pericardium, or the tunica vaginalis. Might be possible.

Most of the people suffering from mesothelioma were either working in areas where asbestos and glass particles entered their body during respiration or they came in contact with asbestos particles and fibers in other ways. It has also been expressed that the washing of a family member working with asbestos or glass can also cause the risk of developing mesothelioma in a person.

Unlike lung cancer, there is no connection between mesothelioma and smoking, but the risk of asbestos-induced other cancers increases greatly due to smoking. People who have been exposed to asbestos often have been taking the help of lawyers to get compensation for asbestos-related illnesses, including mesothelioma. The compensation received Malignant Mesothelioma, more clearly malignant Mesothelioma, is a rare type of cancer, which arises from the protective layer covering the many internal (see asbestos and law).

Symptoms of mesothelioma include pleural leakage (fluid between the lungs and chest wall) or pain in the chest due to shortness of breath and general symptoms, such as weight loss. Its diagnosis can be estimated by chest x-ray and CT scan, and it can be confirmed by biopsy (samples of tissues) and microscopic test.

Thoracoscopy (chemically inserting a tube on the chest) can be used to take a biopsy. It also allows the use of substances such as talc to wipe the pleural part (which is called pleurodesis), to prevent further fluid accumulation and pressure on the lungs.

Despite the treatment done by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and sometimes surgery, diagnosis of this disease can be very rare. Research is ongoing for screening tests for early detection of mesothelioma

Signs and symptoms

It is possible that signs and symptoms of mesothelioma may not appear for 20 to 50 years even after exposure to asbestos. Problems in breathing, cough and chest pain are often symptoms of pleural mesothelioma due to the accumulation of fluid in the pleural space (pleural rigs).

Symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma include weight loss and inflammation and pain in the stomach caused by weight loss and cachexia, drowsiness (a fluid formed in the stomach). Other symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma may include obstruction of intestines, problems in blood clotting, anemia, and fever. If cancer has spread beyond the mesothelium to other parts of the body, then its symptoms may include pain, swallowing, swelling on the neck or face.

These symptoms may have arisen due to mesothelioma or other, less severe conditions.

Mesothelioma that affects the pleura can cause these signs and symptoms:

  • Chest pain
  • Lungs from the lungs, or solidification of fluid around the lungs
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue or anemia
  • Wheezing, hoarseness, or cough
  • Blood in the sputum (fluid) coming out of cough (hemoptysis)
  • In severe cases, the tumor may also occur in a person's body. The situation may also arise in the person to stop work by pneumothorax, or lungs. The disease can increase and spread to other parts of the body.

Tumors affecting the stomach normally do not cause any symptoms until they reach the very later stage. Symptoms include:

  1. stomach pain
  2. Abnormal congestion of fluid in the abdomen
  3. Stomach ache
  4. Problems with intestinal functions
  5. Weight loss

In severe cases of the disease, the following signs and symptoms may exist:

  • Blood clots in the veins, which can cause thrombophlebitis
  • Disinfected intravascular coagulation, a problem that causes severe bleeding in many organs of the body
  • Jaundice, or yellowing in eyes and skin
  • A decrease in blood glucose levels
  • Leakage in the lungs
  • Blood clotting in the pulmonary emboli, or lung arteries
  • Severe ascites


Working with asbestos is a major risk factor for mesothelioma.  In the United States, asbestos is the leading cause of malignant mesothelioma and is considered to be associated with the development of mesothelioma in "indisputable" form. In fact, the relationship between asbestos and mesothelioma is so deep that many people consider mesothelioma as a "signal" or "watching" tumor. In most cases, the history of contact with asbestos is found. 

However, some people have been reported to have mesothelioma without any known contact with asbestos. In rare cases, mesothelioma has also been seen by connecting radiation therapy, intrapleural thorium dioxide (Thorotrast) and other fibrous silicates, such as Aronitis. Some studies show that Symposium Virus SV40 may be working as a helpful factor in the development of mesothelioma.

Asbestos was also known in ancient times, but it was not extracted from mines until the nineteenth century and commercially it was not used extensively. Its use increased greatly during World War II. Since the beginning of the 1940s, millions of American laborers had been exposed to asbestos particles. Initially, the information about the risks of exposure to asbestos was not available publicly. However, later it was found that the risk of developing mesothelioma in shipbuilding factories, people working in asbestos mines and mills, growers of asbestos products, workers of the heating and construction industries and other business people are very much involved. 

Today the official approach of the United States's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHA [OSHA]) and the EPA of the United States is that the safety criteria and "permissible contact limitations" required by US laws, although asbestos- Most of the non-incurable diseases are adequate to prevent, but still they may cause asbestos-related cancers, such as mesothelioma, To prevent or are not enough to get her to provide copy protection.

 Similarly, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the British Government has formally said that any limit for mesothelioma should be very low and it is widely accepted that if there is no such limit Even present, it can not be quantified at present even then. So for practical purposes, HSE assumes that no "safe" range exists. 

Other people have also found that there is no evidence of the presence of such a border under which there is no risk of mesothelioma. It appears that there is a linear relationship between the drug dose and its reaction, according to which increasing the dose of the disease increases the disease. Nonetheless, mesothelioma can be linked to asbestos, brief, low-level or indirect contact. It appears that the amount of dosage required for the effect is lower for asbestos-induced mesothelioma than pulmonary asbestosis or lung cancer. There is no safe level to contact asbestos again because it is related to increased risk of mesothelioma.

 The period of exposure to asbestos can be shortened to produce mesothelioma. For example, cases of mesothelioma arising in 1-3 months of contact have been documented. People working with asbestos wear personal protective equipment to do the risk associated with this contact.

The length of latency, from the first contact to the emergence of the disease, is longer in the case of mesothelioma. It is almost never less than fifteen years, while its maximum level is 30-40 years. In a review of the cases of mesothelioma related to the business, the mean period of the latency period was 32 years. Depending on the data obtained from Peto et al, the risk of mesothelioma appears to increase from the first contact to the third or fourth power.

Ambient contact

It has been found that cases of mesothelioma are seen in people living near those places where asbestos is found naturally. For example, in the central Cappadocia, Turkey, 50% of all the deaths in three small villages-Tuzköy, Karain and Sarıhıdır-were due to mesothelioma. Initially, a hydroxide mineral with symptoms such as aeronaut, asbestos, was considered to be the cause, although, in recent pandemic detailed tests, it was found that aeronautics mostly causes mesothelioma in those families, which have a genetic tendency.  Due to the presence of asbestos fibers in the supply of water and food items, in the long run, and yet these concerns have increased concerns about the possible effects of the unknown on the unknown population.


Contact with asbestos fibers has been recognized as a business health risk since the beginning of the twentieth century. Many pandemic-related studies have linked the commercial contact of asbestos to lung plaque, lung transplantation, asbestosis, lungs and laryngeal cancer, gastrointestinal tumor and lung cavity and malignant mesothelioma of the peritoneum. Asbestos has been used extensively in many industrial products, including cement brake lining, gasket, roof frames, floor related products, textile, and insulation.

Commercial excavation of asbestos occurred between 1945 and 1966 in the White norm, Western Australia. According to a collective study of mining personnel working in the mine, however, after contact with crocidolite, no one died in the first 10 years, but in 1985 there were 80 deaths, which could be seen by connecting to mesothelioma. By 1994, 539 deaths were reported from mesothelioma in Western Australia.

Paraprofessional secondary contact

The risk of mesothelioma and possibly other asbestos-related diseases is also increased in the family of asbestos workers and others living with them. [20] [21] This risk increases asbestos workers' clothing and hair, and they come home with asbestos Dust could be the result. In order to reduce the likelihood of exposure of asbestos fibers to family members, it is often necessary for asbestos workers to take bath and change clothes before leaving their workplace.

Asbestos in buildings

There may be asbestos in many building materials used in both public and private premises before banning asbestos. People doing repair work or DIY activities may be exposed to asbestos. In the UK, the use of chrysotile asbestos was banned at the end of 1999. Brown and blue asbestos were banned in the UK in the year 1985. Build or renovated buildings before these dates may contain asbestos contents.


CXR showing mesothelioma

The CT scan of a patient with mesothelioma, the coronal section (the section which is the front and half part of the body in front of a split). Mesothelioma is concentrated with yellow arrows, central lung drift (liquid collection) is marked with a yellow star. Red number: (1) right lung, (2) spinal cord, (3) left lung, (4) ribs, (5) spleen descending part of the aorta, (6) spleen, (7) left kidney, (8 ) Right kidney, (9) liver.

Micrograph of the whispering fluid cytopathology sample while performing mesothelioma

Micrograph showing the mesothelioma in core biopsy
It is often difficult to diagnose mesothelioma because its symptoms are similar to the symptoms of many other diseases. The diagnosis begins with a review of the patient's medical history. The history of exposure to asbestos can increase medical apprehension for mesothelioma.

 A physical examination is done, followed by chest x-ray and often lung function tests. X-ray can give information on the thickness of the lung cover, which is usually seen after exposure to asbestos and increases the risk of mesothelioma.

Usually, a CT (or cat [CAT]) scan or an MRI test is done. If there is a large amount of fluid, then abnormal cells can be identified by cytopathology if this fluid is pulled with the help of a syringe.

For the fluid, this work is called thoracostomy (by putting the hose in the chest); Paracentesis or ascorbic exhaust pipe for ascites; And pericardiocentesis [disambiguation needed] is done by pericardiocentesis for flow. 

Although the absence of lethal cells in cytology does not completely eliminate mesothelioma, this makes it very much more likely, especially if an alternative diagnosis is made (eg, stomach, heart failure). Unfortunately, this diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma is difficult to do by cytology alone, even by specialist pathologists.

Generally, a biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma. Doctors take a sample of tissue, which is tested by the pathologist with the help of a microscope. A biopsy can be done in a variety of ways, depending on where the abnormal area is located in the body. If the cancer is in the chest, the therapist can do thoracoscopy.

 In this method, the physician puts a small incision in the chest wall and puts a thin, published tube in the chest between the two ribs, which is called thoracoscope. Through thoracoscopy, the physician sees within the chest and receives samples of tissues. Alternatively, Chest Surgeon can open the chest directly (thoracotomy). If the cancer is in the stomach, the doctor can do a laparoscopy.

To get the tissue for testing, the doctor puts a small incision in the stomach and puts a special device in the abdomen. If these methods do not provide adequate tissue, then more extensive diagnostic surgery may be required.

Immunohistochemological studies play an important role in helping pathologists to detect dependent mesothelioma different from neoplastic mimics. Many tests and panels are available. None of the tests is suitable for separating mesothelioma from carcinoma or even to be able to identify harmonious versus malignant.


Chemotherapy is the only surgery for mesothelioma, which has proven to increase survival in uncontrolled and controlled trials. In a historical study published by Vogelzang and his colleagues in 2003, the singular cisplatin chemotherapy was compared to those with the combination of Cisplatin and pemetrexed (brand name Alimta) chemotherapy, those patients who did not have Chemotherapy for previously malignant pleural mesothelioma. And was not a candidate for more aggressive "therapeutic" surgery.

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This test was the first report of survival benefit from chemotherapy in malignant pleural mesothelioma, which showed that the patients whose treatment was treated with only Cisplatin had a mean of 10 months of survival, while the group of patients treated with Cisplatin And pemetrexed and those given extra nutrition through folate and vitamin B12, 13.3 Weeks was. Most of the patients were given extra nutritional vitamins in the test and patients who received a dose of 500mcg of Follett 500mcg daily and intramuscular Vitamin B12 1000mcg dose in every 9-week interval, the side effects associated with pemetrexed were much less compared to those patients. Were given without the supplementary nutrition of peppery-rich vitamins.

Target response rate increased from 20% in the Szppatin group to 40% in the combined pemetrexed group. Some side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, mumps and diarrhea were more common in the combined pemetrexed group, but they affected only a small group of patients, and overall the combination of vitamins also provided nutritional supplementation of pemetrexed and cisplatin Suitable for patients; Both the quality of life and the performance of lung functionalities increased in the connective pemetrexed group.

In February 2004, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of pemetrexed for the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma. However, some questions are still unanswered regarding the optimum use of chemotherapy, in which the right time to start treatment and the optimal number of cycles given.

Cisplatin's experiment with Raltitrexed has shown similar improvement in survival, as seen by the combination of Cisplatin A Pemetrexed, but Raltitrexed is no longer commercially available for this signal.

 For patients who can not afford pemetrexed, the combination of cystatin with gemcitabine or vinorelbine or only vinorelbine is an option, although no survival benefit has been shown for these drugs. In patients with whom Cisplatin cannot be used, carboplatin can be used instead, but non-random data displays high rates of hematology related toxicity and low reaction rates for carboplatin-based combinations, although, In this, survival figures are similar to patients receiving cisplatin. 

In January 2009, after the United States FDA conducted radiation for mesothelioma of phase I or II, a study conducted at the national level by Duke University, according to which a 50-point increase in the correction was concluded. The use of traditional treatments like chemotherapy allowed.
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how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep

how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep
how to get good sleep | lack of sleep | Insomnia | Good sleep Tips  is extremely important to stay healthy. Many of us have to change the curtains often before sleeping. Some people who do not sleep for a long time have to take sleeping medicines.

 tips for better sleep If you do not sleep properly at night, then you will feel tired and tired all the next day. To be healthy, as much as the diet is, it is necessary to take good sleep. Know about similar sleeping tips.

how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep

Best Sleeping tips for all

Take a look

Bathe with hot water before sleeping Our meat muscles get relief from hot water. Our body temperature also decreases, so that we get good sleep.


Try to stay in the light of the day. Our mind well understands this habit that we have to wake up in the day and sleep in the night. In such a situation, it will not make any difference in daylight, but if we do not get much light in the day, then it has an adverse impact on our biological clock. If you are not able to go in the sun due to official work, try to go in the sun for a while for lunch.

Do not watch TV on the bed

Do not watch TV on the bed. Even if the program is coming, this light can also hamper your sleep. It is good that you do not have a TV in your sleeping room, but if this is not possible, then it will be better if you sit on the chair and watch the TV.

Lie down while sleeping

Do not sleep on the bed before sleeping and think about sleep. It will not bring you to sleep, but your stress will increase. If you are not sleeping then you try to read something. Do not go to sleep again until you get to sleep. Unless you are completely exhausted, do not go to sleep because if you lie down and you do not sleep then in such a situation, you will become disturbed.

how to get good sleep | 6 best tips for sweet sleep

Keep the bed clean

Keep your bedtime clean. Clean and clean bed sleeps well. Along with this, keep your room clean. The random and dirty bed does not sleep. You may also have fatigue and depression.

Set the time for sleeping

Decide for the time to start your sleep. This will give you sleepy time. This habit helps a lot in good sleep. Although sometimes it becomes difficult, try to adopt this habit as much as possible.

Make sleep diaries

Maintain a sleep diary. Perhaps this is a difficult remedy, but by doing so, you can record your sleep and find out whether you should go to sleep clan or not. Some people have solved their sleep disorders by doing this.

Eat light night

Your sleep may also be affected by what you ate in the dinner or what you have eaten after eating. Have a light meal at night Eat less than 2 hours before sleeping. This makes the food well digested. Clean your teeth before sleeping.

how to get good sleep  6 best tips for sweet sleep

Do exercise

Exercise in the morning, your body and mind will feel relaxed and health will be fine too. A good stroll is also a walk. If you want you can do yoga too. Yoga keeps you physically and mentally quiet and concentrated.

be positive

Think before sleeping, write down all the troubles that are in your life and find ways to solve their problems in the day before sleeping, think that I have made a note of my problems and I will definitely get rid of them.
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100+ weight gain supplement| how to gain weight

100+ weight gain supplement| how to gain weight

weight gain supplement| how to gain weight

how to gain weight  Losing weight is a very common thing, but there are many people who really want to increase weight. Most people want to increase their weight to correct their routine or to increase their muscles and keep themselves fit.

That's why he uses supplements to increase the weight. Those who want to gain weight should focus on increasing their muscles. Increasing muscle mass is much better and beneficial than weight gain. While the right diet and exercise are the most important to increase muscle mass, supplements help to gain weight by providing calories and proteins and giving you the power to exercise hard. In this article, you will learn about the supplementary diet to increase weight and gain muscle.

weight gain supplements

Supplements To Gain Weight Fast-

Eating supplements or supplements will help you to build muscle and increase weight.

Protein Supplements To Gain Weight -

Most people know that protein is an important muscle component. Many studies have shown a lot more muscle gain and changes in exercise to people who take protein supplements as part of their diet.
  1. However, the most important is to consume your total daily protein, whether it comes from foods or from supplements.
  2. As general advice, scientists recommend that your daily calorie intake should be 10-35% of the calorie protein.
  3. Many scientists agree that daily consumption of body weight of 0.6-0.9 grams per kg (1.4-2.0 grams per pound) is suitable for muscular growth in active adults.

How to take protein for weight gain-

  1. If you are able to consume the above-given amount of protein from whole foods or food, supplementary supplements are not necessary for protein supplements.
  2. However, most people use supplements in the form of shake and bar due to Shelley's busy life, which is in line with their limited time.
  3. If you want to determine that you are consuming enough protein without supplements, or if you are tracking your diet or food on specific days. For this, you can use some free resources such as apps or websites. It is also important to know that eating high-protein diet or food will not increase the weight until you consume full calories completely.
  4. According to facts, some studies show that a high-protein diet can promote fat loss, possibly even after consuming a small amount of food.
  5. Protein is very important for muscle growth. The most important factor is to understand the total amount of protein and calories you consume each day.
  6. Consumption of 0.6-1.9 grams / kg to 1.4-2.0 grams / lb protein is beneficial. Your protein intake may be consumed by anyone in the diet or supplements.

Creatine best weight gain supplements-

Creatin is one of the most researched supplements or supplements, which is considered to be very beneficial. With a supplement supplemental weight can be increased easily, this molecule is found naturally in your cells and in some foods.
  1. When creatinine is taken as a supplement, the amount of creatinine in your muscles may increase more than the normal level.
  2. Creatin performs many important functions in your body, in which fast energy production is the most common qualification.
  3. Some research has shown that creatine supplement or supplement can prove to be quite beneficial in improving exercise and muscle gain over time.
  4. There are many different types of creatine available in the market, in which creatinine monohydrate is considered as the safest and effective.
best supplement for loss weight  

How To Take Creatine For Weight Gain-

  1. To increase the weight you will have to consume more calories than normal quantities. However, how much extra calories you have to eat depends on each person's body and routine.
  2. Weight gainer food is a comprehensive group of weight-producing high-calorie supplements which are marketed for those who have difficulty in weight gain.
  3. Similar to the supplement of protein, there is nothing different about these supplements. They are just a convenient way of getting more calories for some people.
  4. Generally, carbohydrates are very high in weight gain food and are fed with proteins.

The quantity of weight gainers in diet-

For example, a popular supplement contains 1,250 calories, 252 grams of carbohydrate and 50 grams of protein per dose.
  1. By applying weight gain in your diet, definitely the number of calories you eat increases, but some people find the flavor and stability of these products seem unpleasant or not good.
  2. This supplement can really be convenient if you really want to increase your weight. Along with increasing weight, weight gainers will also provide other beneficial nutrients.
  3. Weight gain foods are high-calorie products that contain large amounts of carbohydrate and protein. These products help you gain weight when added to your normal diet, but they are not better than eating more food.

Exercise for weight gain without side effects

Supplements without weighted exercises rarely help in the increase of muscles and weight in your body. Although some supplements are such that it helps you to exercise more and after a time you also benefit from boosting your muscles.

Caffeine to help you gain weight

Although caffeine is consumed in many ways throughout the world, especially those who exercise it consumes it before exercising to enhance its performance or performance.
  1. Research has shown that caffeine is very effective in enhancing your exercise performance. For example, consuming caffeine can increase your power output and also strengthen your body's ability to
  2. exercise, which helps you with weight training, sprinting or cycling exercises.
  3. If you want to get a better muscle, its intake will help you to exercise more difficult, though it will only happen when you consume enough protein and other calories.

Citrulline best weight gainer-

There is a supplement to use in the Citrulline Body Building. Sterlene is an amino acid that is produced in your body and is also found in many food items. One of the reasons for this is that it increases blood flow to your body's tissues or tissues. Many research shows that to increase the exercise done in a session, taking this supplement benefits. This supplement will help you increase muscle and it will help you to do more difficult or intense exercise.

Beta-Alanine Best Foods For Weight Gain-

This type of amino acid is found naturally in your body. Along with its other functions, your body mass help to avoid fatigue. By eating it as a supplement, your performance increases and you can hard work harder. It helps in doing the exercises that are done in a fixed time range of 1 minute to 4 minutes. Although there is still a lot to be done in the proof of its health benefits, Beta Elenin helps you to make muscle when you want to increase weight with exercise.

HMB for weight gain fast

Beta Hydroxy Beta Methylobutrates is a molecule that occurs when the amino acid lucene breaks or breaks down in your body. This molecule helps you recover after intense or heavy exercise and protects you from the destruction of your muscle proteins.

This supplement will help you in muscle recovery and muscle gain, especially those who do not already have any experience in training. Still, research is still going on to help increase the weight of this supplement, but when you want to increase weight and muscle, you should take this supplement to increase the quantity and intensity of your exercise. It will help muscles grow in your body just like supplemented above.

Less effective supplements in weight gain-

Taking those supplements that increase your protein intake will help you to make muscles and that too when you give enough time to exercise programs and weight training. By consuming supplements and exercising, you will be able to make weight and muscle after a while because this supplement and your operating performance are adjusted. You will probably not get the advantage of taking empty supplements without exercise.

BCAAs are less powerful for weight gain-

  1. BCAA undoubtedly help in increasing your muscles and it is a type of branched-chain amino acid that is important in weight gain.
  2. However, BCAAs are found in almost all protein sources. Whenever you are eating proteins, you are first consuming BCAAs.
  3. However, research does not support the benefits associated with its weight. That is why consuming them will not help you gain weight or increase muscles so it is unnecessary to consume them.

Testosterone booster not helpful in muscle gain-

  1. Testosterone hormone plays an important role in your body's anabolic processes, which are responsible for the growth of the muscles.
  2. Therefore, a testosterone booster is taken as a supplement to increase hormones and increase muscle mass.
  3. Typically found in these supplements include Tribulus Terrestris, fenugreek, D-aspartic acid, ashwagandha, and DHEA.
  4. Overall, most of these compounds are not beneficial for testosterone or weight gain. Some of these supplements can be more effective in those with low testosterone. Regardless, testosterone boosters are generally not beneficial in increasing their weight.

What to do for weight gain

Many supplements claim to help you increase muscle or weight. However, most of the supplements are not beneficial for you without proper nutrition and exercise. Overall, many supplements either help in slight weight gain or not at all.
  1. If you want to increase the weight and get good muscle mass, then the most important thing for you is lifestyle changes, such as the right exercise and adequate nutrition diet.
  2. To increase the weight, you will have to eat extra calories which you have left in the body after the body has finished calories. That is why you also need to eat more protein.
  3. Some dietary supplements are an easy solution for weight gain which gives you additional proteins and calories such as weight gain protein supplements etc.
  4. Many research suggests that Creatin will help you gain weight so you can consume it.
  5. Apart from this, other supplements such as caffeine, beta alanine, citrulline will help you work more and give you the strength that your muscles need during a heavy workout.
  6. If you want to increase the weight then adopt a good exercise program and nutrition and a healthy lifestyle besides, this will help you succeed in weight gain.
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What is insurance: Its types benefits and Importance

What is insurance: Its types benefits and Importance

what is insurance|types of Insurance

what is insurance: An arrangement in which anyone insurance company guarantees compensation to you in any type of loss, illness, accident or death.

Incidentally, protection helps however after each unfortunate occasion it is essential for everyone. When did you know what happened in today's crowded life? In such a case, in the event that you have done protection appropriately of your important things, it works like a Backup Help for you. how? We will tell you about it further.

Types of Insurance with Benefits

Different types of insurance have different benefits. We have given details of some of the important Insurance Types and their Advantages.

1 What is the life #Insurance plan and its benefits-


When a person has died by depositing a specified value in a life insurance plan or life insurance, money is paid according to the policy and terms of the policy made to Nominee of that person. This arrangement is left to the family, particularly in light of the fact that it has no confidence throughout everyday life, so a great many people embrace this approach so that after their takeoff their family can get some help in the matter of money.

2 what is Accident insurance scheme -

In case of accident insurance plan or accidental policy also, if the policyholder accident after the accident has occurred by depositing a specified value, according to the policy terms and conditions, if the policyholder is injured or disabled.

Due to hospital expenses or dead, the amount is given. The biggest advantage of the Accidental Insurance Policy is that you do not have to spend any kind of expenses on your accident. The Insurance Policy Company raises the cost, but there are different terms in different policies which should be read only after reading.

3 what is Health Insurance-


In Medical and Health Insurance, you also submit a specified value to all the health related matters of the policy person, such as admission to a sick hospital, the cost of medicines, the cost of operation, etc. The insurance provider does the company.

This policy is very important because every person has a little bit of sickness every year. In this case, these companies also spend some regular checkups in one year. Health insurance policy proves to be very helpful when it is not possible to get sick due to the deteriorating health of tomorrow.

#4 what is Vehicle insurance scheme-

Vehicle Insurance is a vehicle for you if you have your car, motor cycle or any other vehicle. This type of insurance policy proves to be helpful in the accident or theft of your car. But in some vehicle insurance plans, third party policy is also done, you can make an insurance claim for pedestrians. This policy is very important because it is done for one of the valuable things of our house. These days, there is a lot of expenditure on these vehicles, even today, there are minor accidents. If your vehicle is Policy Insured, then there is no need to panic because you can also claim a claim from the company giving insurance policy for the small loss of your vehicle.

5 what is home insurance?

In the home insurance, the insurance is done in accordance with the goods and structure of your house building.

In this insurance company carries expenses on the loss of both home or home goods.
This insurance works in the fall of the house, an accident, theft of things, the burning or any other inconvenience that has resulted in loss of the goods kept in the house or house.

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6. what is travel insurance?

If you want to travel somewhere with your family or your family, then Travel Insurance can prove to be good at this. In such a case, the insurance company carries loss rupees after the delay in the trip or the cancellation or accident occurs during the journey.

7. what is Crop Insurance?

If you are a farmer then you should definitely ensure your crop every year. There is no rain in the weather whether it is rain or not.

But if you insure your crop then you can farm without worrying. If your crop is destroyed due to rains or any other reason, then the insurance company compensates for losses. If you like this information related to insurance, do not forget to send us your suggestions via Comment or Email.

8. what is Pet Insurance ?


What is Pet Insurance: Is More Than a Pet Questions for Pet Owners? Many will ask later if they need it, but before that most can process that question, they know that pet insurance is wanted and how it protects its dogs, cats or other pets in the family.

Pet Insurance is a tool to help parents avoid a financial crisis due to unexpected veterinary expenses from accidents and illnesses. Pet Veterinary Insurance helps in paying unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet is an accident or becomes sick, you have helped cover the cost.

Pet health insurance companies offer many basic types of pet insurance policies and upgrades. Many companies offer a variety of such types of deductions, auto insurance.  
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how to gain weight| latest weight gainning tips

how to gain weight| latest weight gainning tips


how to gain weight- Increasing body weight is also a difficult process to lose weight. For this, a person needs patience and proper practice. Most people have a body structure that their body looks lean and thin. Occasionally, flesh and flesh in the body of these people look more bones.

Such a person is as anxious as to increase his weight and become more worried, seeks various kinds of remedies as if a person is upset to lose his weight. Today in this article we are going to tell you the domestic measures to increase the weight and ways to be fat.

However, there are many ways to increase weight. The first step towards this is that to increase the weight, one should try to get more calories in the daily diet. After that, attention should be taken to take high-calorie food.

Home remedies for quick weight gain -

1. Dark Chocolate to gain weight fast-

By eating high-quality dark chocolate, it gives too much antioxidant and benefits. To increase weight, most people recommend eating dark chocolate with more than 70 percent of cocoa content. Like high-fat food, dark chocolate contains more calories. This means that by eating dark chocolate, calories will increase in your body and your weight will also increase.

2. take Healthy Fats for fast weight gain-

Good fat is not only helpful in weight gain but it also helps to develop muscle and to become testosterone hormone. Healthy Fats also increases the metabolic rate, which increases the amount of good fat in the body. Fat is very important for many vital functions of the body. If you want to increase your weight then you should include green vegetables, salmon fish, more flaccid oil, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet.

3. Cheese for weight gain-

cheese is used to increase weight since the old days. It contains plenty of calories and fat. If the cheese is eaten in excess quantity, then it gets enough protein from the body. Paneer is very tasty as it is anyway. By eating it in the form of food and vegetables, you can increase your body's calorie (calorie). Healthy Fat is found in it and eating it can increase weight easily.

Gain weight 9 simple method for home (must read)

4. Avocados are Best Way To Gain Weight Fast -

Avocado contains a sufficient amount of fatty acids. Unlike the whole grain, calories are also found in avocado which is considered to be better for weight gain. A large avocado meal provides 322 calories, 29 grams of fat, which helps in body weight gain. More vitamin, mineral salts and many beneficial plant compounds are found in avocado. It is used to make sandwiches and many dishes, which increases weight on food.

5. Whole Eggs increase weight fastly-

There is no better diet than eggs to make muscle strong. It provides high-quality proteins and fats. But for this, eating the whole egg is very important. Most nutrients in the egg are found in egg yolk. If you look absolutely lean and want to thicken your body, then you must eat as many eggs as you can. Athletes, bodybuilders eat six or more eggs each day. That's why this is one of the best foods for those who increase weight.

6. Full-Fat Yogurt increases weight-

In high quantities, many nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrate, and fat are found in the cream and fatty curd. The weight of fat by consuming fatty yogurt in the form of snacks. By adding dry fruits and honey in one or two cups yogurt, the extra calories of the body begin to grow and the body becomes full. Also, by adding cocoa powder, walnuts, sugar, cream, and berries in curd, the weight also increases and you can easily become fat.

7. Potatoes and Starches for weight gain-

Eating potatoes increases weight, but everyone knows it, but not only potatoes but also other starchy food also increases calorie intake. Starch collects glycogen in the muscles and increases weight. Apart from this, carbohydrate and fiber also help in weight gain.

Gain weight 9 simple method for home (must read)

8. eat rice for gain weight-

By adding more rice to food, the weight can increase rapidly. One cup of rice contains 190 calories and 43 grams of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate (carb) present in high doses works to increase the body's calorie intake so that it also increases weight. Realizing food consumes frequent appetite and can often cause meals several times. Cooked rice can also be eaten.

9. Protein Supplements for weight gain- (most important)

There are several ways to increase weight. bodybuilders take protein supplements for their weight gain. Although increasing the weight by taking a protein supplement is a bit expensive, but it also increases weight too easily. Apart from this, if you take regular meals such that you get maximum protein per day, your weight may increase.

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how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

Home remedies to remove leanness - best methods

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

how to gain weight- Most people suffer from heavy weight and obesity, but on the contrary, many people are also lean, who are upset about being fat. They keep on revolving around the body to remove leanness from the body. If your body is lean then you too have to undergo many troubles. Most people have seen you talk about losing weight.

But there are many people who talk about weight gain. These are people who eat food, but they feel very hungry. By which they lose weight or those who are thinner and do not eat nutritious food. There are many types of medicines available in the market to increase weight.

But to increase the weight, you should not use any type of medicine. Because these medicines can have results as well. You should only use the home remedial measures. Due to adoption of Ayurvedic methods to increase the weight, there is no side effect in any way.

We will tell you today how you can take away some of these easy remedies and remove the leanness from the body and make your body healthy.

Home remedies to remove leanness -

1. To get rid of leanness, increase the amount of carbohydrate in the diet.

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

If you do not pay attention during eating while you are eating what you are not eating and then this will be the biggest reason for your body being lean. Increase the amount of carbohydrate and healthy fat in your diet while you are eating. Increase the amount of high-calorie diets such as red meat, rosemary, vegetables, fish, chicken, olives, and bananas etc. While doing this you can take a little bit of diarrhea several times a day.

2. Dry fruits to remove leanness

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

If you want to make your body healthy then you will be able to stay healthy and also gain weight by using enough quantity of almonds, milk, butter, ghee in breakfast. Eating these things will eliminate leanness from your body and make you healthy.

3. Protein Must be used

If you have to reduce your leanness, you have to increase the amount of protein while keeping food in order to keep your body healthy. You are also a good source of protein for egg, fish, and meat. Regular consumption of almonds, cashew nuts, and this creates leanness from your body.

4. Withania somnifera is beneficial to remove leanness

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

You must have seen that many people and Ayurveda know about using Withania somnifera in many ways. With the mention of Withania somnifera and Asparagus racemosus in Ayurveda, we get a mention of weight gain. Use 3 grams of powder with milk every morning. Doing this will remove your leanness.

5. Exercise is necessary for home remedies to remove leanness

Exercise in the morning is very beneficial for the body. So if you want to keep your body healthy, want to be healthy, then you should definitely start walking and exercising in the morning. Make rules for walking around 4 kilometers a day. Fresh air will also be found and your metabolism will also be fine and food should be well chewed and chewed well. Actually, exercise is not about losing weight only, by exercising, the body's senses open. The body gets energy, the digestive power gets stronger, so that the muscles start working properly.
How to gain weight| latest weight gainning tips

6. Raisins
how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

You have to resort to raisins to make your body healthy and to remove it from leanness. Soak 50 grams of raisins in water at night. Chew chewing well in the morning. Using two to three months weight will increase. Let us know that the amount of calories in raisins is very high.

7. Lentils will help to increase weight

Apart from flour and rice, the lean person should eat all kinds of pulses. There is plenty of protein in pulses. Not only sprinkled lentil but also sprouted pulses. Sprouted gram is also beneficial to eat. It helps in increasing weight.

8. milk cream

Let me tell you that creamy milk cream is fatty and consuming it increases the body fat. You can also consume pasta with it.

9. There is a solution to remove leanness, banana and milk intake

how to gain weight | 9 simple method for home

If you want your weight to grow faster then you should eat bananas and milk. Let us know that if you eat banana then your digestion system becomes good. By adopting another recipe that the lean people will get away from their leanness, that is by consuming hot milk. Yes ... According to natural medicine, weight increases by using hot milk. By continuously consuming it, the patient is completely cured with thinness in a few days.

How to gain weight| latest weight gainning tips 

Eat also to increase weight

Adding a more dilute person to the brittle fruit of the flour or after consuming it in the juice of the fruit gives more benefits in a few days. The more the lean person receives the more fruit, the more beneficial it is because eating fruit increases digestion and digestion quickly gets digested again. In this way, he will be able to feed more and more.
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what is mental illness|symptoms, cause, treatment, prevention

what is mental illness|symptoms, cause, treatment, prevention

what is mental illness?

Mental illness: In today's age many people have many mental health concerns. But do you know that anxiety for mental health can lead to mental illness? Signs and symptoms of Mental Illness continually create tension and affect the ability of the person to act.

Symptoms of mental illness, cause, treatment, prevention


Its symptoms can be very serious, which also destroys the imagination of living life. Therefore, in today's article, you will learn about mental illness, its symptoms, causes, types, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and home remedies for mental illness information.

A condition that affects the person's ability to feel and think is called mental illness. Mental illness affects many conditions of mental health.

Under this, there are disorders that affect a person's mood, thinking, and behavior. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia (a type of dementia), food disorder, and addiction.

Mental illness can be painful for a person and can cause problems in daily life-related activities such as school, work or private relations. In most cases of mental illness, with the help of drugs and talk therapy, its symptoms can be stopped.

symptoms of mental illness -

Symptoms of Mental Illness can vary on the basis of brain disorders, conditions, and other factors. The symptoms of this disease can greatly affect human emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
Symptoms of mental illness include:

  • Bad dreams, illusion, or madness
  • Feeling feeling sad
  • Feeling excessive fatigue, weakness or sleep problems
  • Feeling confused or confused in thinking or concentration
  • Being unable to deal with daily problems and stress,
  • Continuous fight-fighting or debate with friends and family,
  • Excessive fear or anxiety, or feelings of guilt
  • Separating from friends and activities
  • Alcohol or drug abuse,
  • Changes in sex drive,
  • Mainly changes in eating habits,
  • Emotional feelings of excessive anger, hostility or violence,
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts arise,
  • Feeling tired after sleep,
  • Occasionally symptoms of mental illness can be manifested in other physical problems, such as abdominal pain,
  • back pain, headache, or other obscure pain and pain.

Due to mental illness

Genetic and environmental factors are commonly included in the causes of mental illness

1. Heredity - Mental illness affects the people who have already had a mental illness. Those people with mental illness are more likely to have a mental illness. This disease can trigger through the genes.

2. Pregnancy - During pregnancy, environmental stress, the condition of swelling, the use of toxic substances, alcohol or medicines can sometimes cause mental illness for mother and child.

3. Brain chemistry - Neurotransmitters are naturally brain chemistry, which works to bring the signal to the brain and other parts of the body. When the neural relationship of these chemicals gets worsened, then the function of the nervous system changes, resulting in a situation of depression.

4. Brain defects or injury - The main cause of mental illness can be considered a defect or injury in some areas of the brain. Some serious injuries and brain cancer help in causing mental illness.

5. Substance abuse - especially long-term misuse of certain substances can also increase anxiety, depression, and insanity conditions.

6.Prenatal damage - Problems that occur at the time of childbirth, such as lack of oxygen, interference in the child's brain development, etc. Some conditions can cause mental illness.

Symptoms of mental illness, cause, treatment, prevention

Types of Mental Illness in English

Common types of mental illness include:
1. Neurodevelopmental disorders - Problems usually starting in infancy or in childhood are included in this category. Under this, children often face problems before starting school. Examples include autism spectrum disorder, lack of attention/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disorders.

2. Depressive disorders - These disorders are included which you feel emotional. This mental health disorder greatly increases the depressed mood and reduces interest in activities. There is a lot of loss in daily life's work.

3. Anxiety disorder - Emotions of pain, panic, or fear are characteristics of mental illness. These emotions are able to interfere in any person's daily activities.

4. Bipolar disorders - In this class there are other incidences of continuous incidence of insanities such as excessive time in activity and depression.

5. Schizophrenia (a type of Madness) - it is a mental disorder that affects the ability of a person to think, experience and behave well.

6. Trauma and stress disorder - These are disorders in which a person has difficulty in competing during or after the stressful events of life. Examples include post-traumatic stress and acute stress disorder.

7. Autism - this is a serious growth disorder, which reduces the ability to communicate and interact.

8. Personality disorders - This type of disorder involves emotional instability and unhealthy behaviors, which cause problems in your life and relationships. Examples include emotions such as anti-social behavior and genocide in personality disorder.

Mental Illness Complications

Mental illness is a major cause of mental retardation. If it is not treated, it can cause mental illness, behavioral, physical and emotional health related problems. The following factors can be included in many complications related to mental illness.

  1. Lack of enjoyment of life and a sense of grief arise.
  2. The weak immune system, which makes it difficult to prevent infection in the body.
  3. Family conflict
  4. Difficulties in relationships and family relationships
  5. Problems arising from the intake of alcohol, tobacco, and other medicines
  6. Problems of poverty and homelessness
  7. Trying to harm others or self-harm and suicide attempts.
  8. Increasing the risk of accidents from motor vehicles

Diagnosis Mental Illness

There is no test available to determine the condition of the brain. Therefore, a doctor can diagnose mental disorder by taking health, medical information and family and mental health information.
The following tests can be included to determine the diagnosis of mental illness and to investigate complications related to it.

1. Physical examination - Doctors try to overcome physical problems to know the symptoms and causes of mental illness.

2. Lab tests - This can include the following tests, for example, your thyroid function test or screening for alcohol and drugs.

3. Psychological evaluation - During this test, the doctor or mental health specialist talks to the patient related to your symptoms, behavior, feelings, and thoughts. And to help answer some questions, the doctor can ask the patient to fill the questionnaire.

Symptoms of mental illness, cause, treatment, prevention

Treatment for Mental Illness

The primary treatment depends on the type of mental illness, the severity of the disease and the best remedy for the patient, all these things. If the patient has a mild mental illness, whose symptoms can be well controlled, then health care for the patient is also sufficient for the treatment of mental illness.
Mental illness Some important remedies are:


Psychotherapy is also called talk therapy. This therapy involves things related to mental health and mental health among patients and psychiatrists.

During this therapy, psychiatrists take information about the patient's condition and mood, emotions, behavior, and thoughts. If you ignore the symptoms of mental illness then it can be difficult to treat the state of mental health.

Proper care can be one of the best treatments to stop the symptoms of mental illness for a long time.

Brain-stimulation treatments

Brain-stimulation treatments are sometimes used for depression and other mental health disorders. This treatment is done when medicines and psychotherapy do not work in the treatment of mental illness. It includes electroconvulsive therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and vaginal nerve stimulation.

Substance abuse treatment

Substance abuse is usually a symptom of mental illness. This symptom hinders the patient's treatment and increases mental illness. When the patient does not stop taking drugs or alcohol himself, then this treatment is needed.

Hospital and residential treatment

When a mental illness becomes very serious, then the patient needs care in a psychiatric hospital.
Usually, when the patient is not able to take care of himself, care can be recommended in the psychiatric hospital.

Options for this treatment include

  • 24-hour patient care,
  • Partially or throughout the day residential treatment or hospitalization,
  • Extreme treatment of outpatient
  • And provide a temporary place to stay.

Medications for Mental Illness

Although psychiatric medicines are not helpful in treating mental illness, they can be used to improve symptoms. Psychological drugs depend on how the patient's body responds to medicines. Some of the most commonly used therapeutic drugs include:
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Mood-stabilizing medications.
  • Antipsychotic medications.

Prevention of Mental Illness

If you have symptoms of mental illness, you should consult a physician or psychiatrist to talk about mental health concerns. And if possible, support the family or friends, or any person who knows you for a long time and that person is able to share your important information with the doctor. There are several ways to avoid mental illness such as:
  1. Avoid alcohol and drug use,
  2. Be aware of your treatment plan,
  3. Always be active,
  4. Emphasize yourself,
  5. Keep your mind cool
  6. Establish real goals,
  7. Keep a positive approach,
  8. take care of your body,
  9. Keep people close to you with good thoughts,
  10. Learn how to deal with stress,

Symptoms of mental illness, cause, treatment, prevention

Mental Illness home remedies

To reduce the symptoms of mental illness or to avoid mental illness, the following home remedies should be adopted:

1) Treatment of cardamom mental diseases

Cardamom is an aromatic, which helps the body to activate the cells, besides helping to improve cardamom mood and treat depression.

2) Fish Oil Home remedies of mental illness

Eating omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of depression among people. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for normal functioning of the brain and is effective in fighting depression and anger.

3) Green Tea Home Remedies for Mental Illness

Along with caffeine in Green Tea, an extremely important component is L-theanine. El-Theanine works cooperatively with caffeine. Its psychotherapist is capable of removing the barrier between the blood and the brain and reducing the stress.

4) Treatment of Mental Illness 'Magnesium'

Magnesium is an important food item that reduces stress. Without magnesium, we can not produce energy, DNA or RNA cannot be synthesized and can not balance the chemicals in the brain. Therefore, magnesium is a very important substance for mental health. Almonds, cashews, bananas, spinach and soy milk are abundant in magnesium.

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